Fire Safety Doors To Enhance The Safety Features Of Your Property

Certain types of safety compliances are required to be met at all types of commercial places. Whether it is the school or college or shopping malls, shops, offices, or hospitals, it is important that safety rules should be followed strictly. One of the most common safety risks includes the fire accidents. Fire can break out in the property due to a number of causes. If there are no proper safety measures then it can cause huge damage to the lives and properties. Apart from the fire extinguishers, fire doors play an important role in preventing the fire accidents. It is the dual functional door as it prevents fire and works as the escape door for your property.

Fire safety Glass doors

Glass doors with the fire safety feature have now emerged as the safety doors with the technology. It is highly effective in the fire protection and available in various types of stylish designs for the interior décor. In many offices and commercial places, you can find the glass fire safety doors. The fire resistance feature of this type of door prevents the fire to spread while providing a clear view of the other side to know how much fire is spread.

General specifications of the fire safety glass doors

This type of safety door is available with different resistance abilities. 20 minute is the minimum time to which fire can be resisted by the doors. In terms of temperature, fire safety glass doors are able to tolerate up to 1600°F. Fire safety glass doors are available in framed and frameless models which enhance the aesthetic features of the commercial spaces.

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